Intricate Approach To Mechanical Contraption Combined With A Heart Warming Story

We are happy to introduce our new mind scrambling, heart-warming and equally rewarding game “A Mechanical Story”! This puzzle game is not one you see everyday! The game mechanics makes use of real time and calls for users to consider their choice of action.

When you enter the game, you are greeted with a broken level, a tool box and  a beautifully coloured,  multi layered,  animated parallax background. Your tool box contains bunch of parts varying from gears to gear racks. Your mission is fixing the level by dragging these parts  into the game world. As you place these parts ether thing can happen! You ether fix the level by activating the pinky button and experience the satisfaction of being a great mechanic!  or end up failing miserably.

The game play may sound simple at first but here is the catch! Unlike other physic puzzle games that feeds on the idea of mechanical contraption, “A Mechanical Story” doesn’t have a play button to simulate the physics. You see!  the moment you place a part from your tool box, it instantly becomes part of the game world. So you have to pay real close attention when you placing these parts together. Because one wrong move may cause you to completely fail.

Are you interested to find out more or perhaps you may want to get some screen shots to be used in one of your articles. if so, please don’t hesitate to visit our presskit page.